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Kennel SchutzArt

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Kennel von SchutzArt is a Norwegian kennel registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club. von SchutzArt "First and foremost" - aims to breed Malinois with superior trainability, solid mentality and good health. We plan our litter for a long time, and saves no efforts to achieve the highest quality. We do not breed to a specific sport or purpose - our dogs will work towards service, police, IPO, rescue, LP, therapy, agility, mondioring etc. What is important is that when you sign your interest in a puppy from us - then you have to describe in detail what kind of dog you want or what purpose you puppy is for. Our puppies are delivered eight weeks old - we prepare puppies and spends much time with them from 4-8 weeks of age. Of course they are veterinarian approved and has the vaccines and worming occurring expected. They will also be delivered with chip, and pedigree from Norwegian kennel club. The kennel consists of Tom Thoresen and Laila Gulbrandsøy - we have competition experience from IPO on both Nationals and World Championship level, we've also competed in Obidience and other dogsport. Extensive experience in behavioral and problem dogs. We will be available to you at any time if you buy a puppy from us.

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  • 已知幼犬数目的繁殖

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Die 7 Säulen der ganzheitlichen Tiergesundheit

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